Winter Blues

What to do during the cold winter weekends? Why needle gunning of course, but wrap up well, put on the ear defenders and safety goggles. Sherwood’s bogies have been under sustained attack from the needle gunners these last few weeks, blasting all the old paint and grime back to the bare metal. The buffer beam at No2 end was clearly overdue a descaling, as a small bit of rust around the edges of two small treadplates turned out to be some serious rot around the pony-link covers, all of which had to be re-plated in a number of places.

With a lorry load of auxiliary machines from 33035 being depatched to Bowers, it was decided to send the traction motor blower motor from Sherwood’s No 1 end, which had been making ominous rumbling noises from its bearings. Having removed the motor, the support stand was also extracted after some heat persuasion with the oxy-propane. This revealed some more holes in the floor to keep Carl busy with the welder. The other side of the nose end floor was replated four years ago when the air tanks were removed for testing, so hopefully its all sealed up now for many more years.

Out on the shop floor, a production line has formed of anciliary bits such as sandboxes, blower motor fan housing (snail), sand pipes, all trying not to get mixed up with a similar production lines of parts from 33108 being restored on the next road.

Adam probes some dark crevices with his needle gun

Corrosion hidden behind the pony link covers and treadplate

Coat of red oxide applied after needle-gunning

Stephen spraying red oxide on No 1 bogie

Sliding out the blower motor from No1 end

Don warms up the seized mounting bolts for the motor stand

A large space left after removal of blower motor and stand

Rotten floor plate chopped out

Now replated and coated in primer




Rusty snail waits attention while the motor is away being overhauled

Sandbox and Snail (sounds like a pub name!)




New insulation fitted to nose end

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