The More You Look….

The more you look, the more you find… is one sure certainty in railway restoration, and none more so than for BRCW. This was only meant to be a quick wash and brush up while the generator was away, but after a few prods of suspicious looking areas, 33035 is once again receiving major surgery.

And once again it is the cabs that have revealed more rust and corrosion, with the chief culprits being the floor framing under both driver’s droplights. Although the side panels have been replated many times, nothing was done about the steady corrosion under the floor, where water must have collected from the leaking windows and roof, not to mention gallons of tea slung down the side. There were drain holes when the loco left the factory, but these were just a token gesture from the draughtsman at BRCW, being so small that they must have blocked up in no time. Starting at No1 End cab, what little that was left of this area was chopped out by Carl. A proper mansize drain channel was fitted along the bottom of the window, running into a mansize drain to the outside. The vertical channel for the door frame was reunited with the floor section for the first time in many years.

Lower section of bodyside cut away to reveal not much left of the floor supports

From the inside, the remains of the "marine ply" panel that lasted only 3 years of derbyshire wet weather

Drain channel to collect water from window and actually drain to the outside

Even the tidy up in the engine room has expanded into a major exploration of the underworld, as floorplates have been lifted in a lucky dip to see what horrors await below. The choice seems to be either an oil well or a time team dig into the past, through layers of rust. This is inevitably what preservation is all about – cleaning and scraping the proverbial. Of course it is all worth while when it it restored and gleaming in new gloss paint – only to be sealed up again, never to be seen for another 50 years. Well a least the loco is a little lighter and fresher, and one day there will be nothing left to do?

Jonno and Nathan ponder which bit to do next

Jonno working round the floor sections in the engine room

Looking down on the floor areas for the compressor and generator connections, air pipes to the left, electrical cables to the right

New oil field discovered under a floorplate next to the engine - no rust here

Area in front of engine, temporarily vacated by the triple pump

Floor area in rad tunnel after cleaning and painting, before covering with floor plates

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