Motor Mania

The PDLG made its traditional festive visit to Bowers Electrical today, to view the latest casualties from diesel preservation, and progress with our own projects.

The generator from 33035 has been dismantled and the armature placed on roller stands. From this picture, you can see the ETH section on the right has the banding removed to reveal the blown coil. The glass bandings are on the floor. The coils will have to be carefully prised out of the slots in the armature, and then it will be transferred to the clean room for rewinding.

Also inspected was the first of the Metro-Vick traction motors to be dismantled for D5705. Even though it hasn’t seen an amp for around 40 years, it was in remarkably good condition, and the bearings appear to be in excellent state – which is fortunate as they are a non-standard size and new ones would probably cost a four figure sum to manufacture! Hopefully the other two motors are in a similar condition.

Back to Crompton-Parkinson, the overhauled traction motors for Kozzy’s 26007 were waiting to be despatched back to Barrow Hill, and a triple pump was in the process of being overhauled for 33108.

There were a lot of English Electric motors and generators in for repair, but some of the pictures are too horrific to show here.

Many thanks to Dave and his team at Bowers for their sterling work keeping up with the ever increasing demand from the preservation world. It should be no surprise when BR used to overhaul motors every 3-5 years, that there is an increasing failure rate in preservation as insulation finally gives up the ghost after 20-30 years of freezing winters and standing outside in the damp.

Generator after craning out of 33035 at Barrow Hill

After arrivanl at Bowers. The armature is supported at the free end by adjustable rods

The field frame after armature removal. Still in good condition since its overhaul last year.

Close up of the temporary repair to the blown coil - filled with resin putty, the whole lot now to be extracted and rewound with new coils

Metro-Vick motor frame after removal of armature

Field coils and cable connections look in good condition

Metro-Vick armature

Roller bearing for armature, still running free

Overhauled CP motors for 26007 waiting despatch

26007 and its bogies waiting the return of the motors at Barrow Hill

Triple pump motor for 33108 being reassembled


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  1. James says:

    Really good to see you putting reports back up. I have been flicking on to the site regularly in hope……cheers guys, keep ’em coming and and all the best!

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