Generator Rewind

33035’s generator now stands ready for collection after a rewind at Bowers over the last six months. The work has been necessary to restore the ETH section back to working order after it had previously blown out a winding at the Ecclesbourne Railway. The generator was sent to Bowers for overhaul, and the blown ETH winding temporarily sealed up so the loco could complete its season at the railway and finishing the year with a visit to the Nene Valley Railway diesel gala. Returning to Barrow Hill, the generator was removed for a second time last December and sent to Bowers. The following pictures show the stages of repair.

The armature removed and the old ETH windings exposed prior to extracting

Each new winding made of strands of copper wires bound together

Each winding carefully inserted in the armature slots

The windings are taped up and protected in the main slots with Nomex insulating sheets. This shows the strands fed into the commutator slots to the left.

The ends of the windings are arranged waiting for trimming and soldering to the end of the commutator

Windings now in place and ends taped up prior to dipping in varnish

After varnishing and curing in the oven, the final banding is done on a slow turning lathe

Armature after banding and revarnishing. It is now sent away for balancing.

Armature refitted into field frame, showing heating tapes added as a modification to protect the generator in winter.

Almost finished, awaiting refitting of the fan.


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