Photos of D5705 from the archives – click on thumbnail to see full picture

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  1. Hi,

    As a yougster in Stockton on Tees I saw the Metro Vickers D57xxloco’s ex works. Although the company closed its works in 1960 the building was reused however it is now demolished. I was considering doing a article about the work and would like to contact someone from the D5705 Group who may have pictures of these locos undrr construction.

    Any help appreciated and if the article is published I can include details of your Group.

    Best Regards,

    Maurice Burns

  2. mikej says:

    I don’t have any pics of the locos being built at Stockton, Maurice. You could try putting out a request on the Class 15 website, which is reporting on restoration progress with D5705. See the link at the bottom of our Home page. Cheers.

  3. James Andrews says:

    Brilliant website guys, have spent the last few days going through everything.

    What’s the current status with the cobo please?

    Cheers and keep the reports coming!

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