Crompton Space Ship

With the generator and auxiliary machines away for overhaul, full advantage is being taken of the large space in the engine room of 33035. All the floors have been taken up for cleaning and polishing, and several bins loads of rust and muck extracted from the cable and pipework ducting underneath. Jonno’s reward for many hours of tedium was a gleaming maze of pipework after his first practice with the spray gun.

Carl has completed fabricating and welding in the new engine-room guttering that now drains into the drain-pipes instead of flooding the floor. The 3mm steel gutters should be good for another 50 years. He has also been pointing his welding gun at the door frames for the engine-room side doors, which have been another water feature every time it rains. The top of the frame was pretty much all converted to sodden rust, so that had to be chopped out and rebuilt with new steel plate.

The gutters are meant to collect water running off the side grilles, and cleaning these out of layers of old paint, muck and cement has become another grinding chore that has got the better of some. Just like the beautiful pipes under the floor, they are destined never to be admired by passers by.

As space is the final frontier in a confined engine room, the ex-silencer roof has now been removed for further modification to discard the ex-silencer box.  This will open out the top of the electrical cubicle for improved ventilation and better access.

Pipe run under the floor alongside engine

Mick has been painting up the free end of the engine, showing hydrostatic pump for rad fan drive

New gutters in place behind grilles

Rot over the top of the door frame

Top of door frame rebuilt

Side grilles scraped and painted by Jacob

Colourful selection of pipework waiting to be refitted, plus the infamous Keighley exhaust stack

Ex-silencer roof lifting off

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