Photos of 45135 from the archives – click on thumbnails to see full picture

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  1. Gary Hardwick says:

    Hi fellas,
    Enjoyed the pics of the locos on here,particularly the peaks.I have fond memories of the locos towards the latter end of their lives on the Trans-pennine services.
    I am a volunteer at the east lancs diesel dept and helped give 45135 a good clean a few weeks ago.Could you tell me when your next working party is? I would like to give a hand if I could.
    Best wishes,
    Gary Hardwick.

  2. mikej says:

    Hi Gary, I had a quick look around 45135 a few weeks ago and good to see progress. You will have to contact Big Dave to find out when he is next on 45135. We are at BH most weekends, currently on 45060. Mike.

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