On With Their Heads

12 cylinder heads have waited patiently for 8 months since they were overhauled, but now their time has come. After much preparation of the top of the cylinder block, cleaning and repainting of various pipes, the heads are being reunited with the engine.

Quite a lot of corrosion and pitting was found where the transition bushes fit on to the block, and these were cleaned out and polished with some discs of emery cloth glued to a drill attachment. New rubber seals were fitted to the transition bush holders, and a thin coating of sealant applied for good measure. At this stage, the cylinder head nuts are being lightly torqued down to 170ft lb (230Newton metres I am repeatedly told, although I have my doubts about whether Sir Isaac Newton would want his name associated with those frenchies). The full torque tightening will wait until all the heads are fitted and checked for alignment with the inlet manifold.

As of this weekend, four heads are fitted, eight more to go!

Polishing the transition bush faces on the block

Pitted transition bush faces being restored with drill attachment

Four transition bushes fitted - these pass co0ling water from the block to the heads and are sealed with rubber bushes

Initial torque tightening of cylinder head nuts

The team complete head number four

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