In the 8 weeks since its return to service, 33035 has been at work on the Ecclesbourne Railway for no less than 13 days, so far… 9 of these have been for Diesel Experience duties, usually on Wednesdays and Fridays, and there seem to be a steady stream of bookings through to next year.

This means we have been doing maintenance checks on the loco most Saturdays, and working our way through some minor jobs such as finally getting the cab heaters working, fixing a few last oil leaks and tinkering with the governor and load regulator. With the frosty nights arriving in the Alpine climate of Wirksworth, we pumped in a barrel of antifreeze this Saturday.

Winter also seems to have arrived in our other arctic base station known as Barrow Hill, so we were all wrapped up to fit another two liners (only four more to go), and completion of the new flooring in Sherwood.

Josh applying some elbow grease, or T-cut to No1 end

A new O-ring seal fitted to the governor vane motor


New flooring in Sherwood's No2 cab



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