Machine Language

The Sunday mission was to reassemble the compressor for Sherwood, as the armature had arrived back from Bowers and the last few parts were restored during the week. A heat gun was used to heat up and expand the bearings so that they can be slid on to the armature shaft. Adam and Matt learnt the hard way that you have to be quick to avoid the bearing cooling and shrinking on to the shaft before it is in the correct position. Once this was rectified, the armature was reunited with the field frame and the end plates and seals refitted. Finally the motor was craned on to the compressor base and the original shims used to ensure correct alignment for the gear drive.

Carl moved into the closing phases of fitting a new set of switches and warning lights for the driver’s instrument panel, now enclosed by a newly fabricated box.

45105 was not forgotten this week, as the overhauled triple pump was given a final coat of gloss.

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