Ice Station Wirksworth

After possibly the coldest night of the winter, the snowscape at Wirksworth gleamed under a clear blue sky on Saturday morning, when guests from the Heritage Railway Association travelled up on a DMU from Derby via Duffield. Copious amounts of de-icing fluid were required to unlock 33035 and batter down the cab door using swat team methods. Once inside the coolant system was found to still be liquid, thanks to the recent dose of antifreeze, and the engine primed for a start. Meanwhile an audience of orange men had assembled outside to witness the engine spluttering into life. The sub-zero temperatures meant it took half an hour for the engine to settle down and the exhaust to clear, but it was ticking over nicely by the time the guests arrived for their tour of the site. They all seemed to be suitably impressed and appreciated the progress being made at Wirksworth.

On Sunday, Jacob and Josh made up some covers for the cylinder liners, and helped with lapping in the valves on the second cylinder head. Carl started to fit out the gauges and other attachments for the new instrument p

Josh lapping in cylinder head valves


Guests from the HRA being escorted to view the locos

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