“Train Heat On”

The red lights lit up in the cabs of 33035 on Friday indicating Electric Train Heat was On for the first time in preservation. This was at the end of a day testing out the ETH circuits, and fitting a set of new brushes to the ETH generator.

While Simon and I were sorting out the ETH, Adam changed the injector in No 1 cylinder head, which had been knocking, and proved to be quite heavily carboned up. An overhauled one was fitted, and the engine run up – it was difficult to tell if it was any better, and some engine tuning will be done another day.

When the ETH is switched on the engine is supposed to rev up slightly to generate train heat current with the loco stationary, and 33035 revved up rather too much at first. A phone call to Doctor Diesel at Swanage confirmed that the governor setting was too high, and the regulating air pressure was adjusted down from 30psi to a more respectable 20psi. Disappointingly the voltage regulator did not appear to be working, as the output volts varied with engine speed. This will have to be investigated next time.

On Sunday, Carl, Matt, Nathan and I braved the snow to spend a cold day at Barrow Hill, continuing with work on the nose end, compressor and second cylinder head.

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