47484 Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Pioneer Diesel Locomotive Group

47484 “Isambard Kingdom Brunel”

Press Release Immediate

We are very pleased to announce that agreement has been reached between Andrew Goodman and the Pioneer Diesel Locomotive Group for the sale of locomotive 47 484 “Isambard Kingdom Brunel”.

Built at Crewe Works in 1965, the locomotive was withdrawn from active service in 1995 and was stored at various locations ending up at Springburn Works. In 2006 the locomotive was purchased for preservation by Andrew Goodman and moved to Wishaw near Sutton Coldfield.

The sale of 47484 will allow Andrew to concentrate on his other railway preservation projects, with the assurance that the restoration will be undertaken by the PDLG to the highest standards. The location has yet to be formally confirmed, and a move is likely to take place around September. The complete rebuild and overhaul to working order is expected to take around 5 years, and the Group is keen to invite new volunteers to join its dedicated team.

The Pioneer Diesel Locomotive Group’s preservation fleet consists of 45060 “Sherwood Forester”, 45105 and 33035 “Spitfire” based at Barrow Hill Roundhouse, Derbyshire, and 45135 “3rd Carabinier” and part ownership of D5705 based at the East Lancs Railway.


Mike Jacob


31 May 2011

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23 Responses to 47484 Isambard Kingdom Brunel

  1. Jon Porter says:

    47484, or will it end up as D1662? Well done Mike. I think you know where to go when you need details of the original nameplate, well for one side at least! Currently on the wall just outside the office I work from in SPM.

  2. Mark Jackson says:

    Great news! I think a lot of people were concerned as to what would happen with this locomotive. All the best with the restoration.

  3. mikej says:

    Thanks guys, we were wondering where the plates had ended up! Mike

  4. Adrian Griffith says:

    Congrats on saving Isambard, & good luck with its restoration

  5. Ian Mandley says:

    Hellfire news ! Its been a while since 484 roamed the countryside. Good luck.

  6. Martin says:

    I think this is a great acheivement. If only WCRC has 47500 in green in 5-6 years time with this on a railtour with cream and brown mark 1 stock on the cornish riviera….. who knows what will happen……… awesome news………..
    Martin (OZ)

  7. Jim Culver says:

    Great news on 484 being finally saved from a sad ending as 60 081 will never work again. Do this amazing engineer justice & have 484 back on the mainline pulling railtours etc. Hope the restoration goes as smooth as possible.

  8. Bob says:

    Fantastic news, so pleased to see 47484 get the future he deserves!

  9. Chris Finch says:

    great news; this loco is the iconic 47 for me; at least it has survived to be restored though clearly this is a long job

  10. mikej says:

    Thanks for all your good wishes. We already have a deadline to aim for: 20/2/2015, its 50th!

  11. Tom Gray says:

    At last something good happens to this old girl . Good luck lads with the restoration of an excellent beast will be great to see this one alive again

  12. 47484 was reinstated to front line traffic in early 1998 (due to EWS having a traction shortage until the Class 66′s arrive) to the LWCW IM and then relocated to the DAET BS and stored DAXT WQ.
    Good news for 47484 to get some overdue TLC.

  13. Ian says:

    Good luck, great news, like everyone else wondering what livery you’ll choose Lol

  14. Iain 47421 says:

    letting a bunch of wagon mecanics loose on a square ? lible to enter presevation with a bonnet on each end, good luck anyway.

  15. teriann says:

    well done glad the old girls been saved some one should set up a musem or line for the rest of the GWR green girls again well done

  16. matt richmond says:

    This is fantastic news, I cannot believe it has taken so long to finally restore this loco, such a famous one, saved at last.

  17. John Arnold says:

    Great news about I.K.B. Last time I saw her she was parked up I think outside the Fuel Roads of Toton TMD during there Open Day when the first 4 Class 66′s were being showing to the nation. Although 5 yrs seems a long uphill restoraration task but TBH most big projects nowadays take this long, take 58016 for example as this will take 3 yrs roughly (my guess). Hopefully I.B.K may occupy the space next to 58016 at BH created by 33035 with it being away at Washwood Heath?

    FYI – Yes I am one of the Cl58LG new volunteers & I think BH Roundhouse is mising a Class 47. That & I have a bit of an increased fondness since driving Sparrowhawk on the GCR a number of yrs back.
    Possibliy in the future we could see a GWR pairing of I.B.K. & S.E.E (50007) on the mainline?

  18. Dave Spencer says:

    Frankly I am suprised at this news. At least its a Sulzer and not a ped or syphon, that would be a turn up. I recall this duff not being able to restart 1E73 (load 8,at the first signal on the Lickey and the bankers were called (I was on 1E73 that evening as 1M74 and 1E38 were not 45 or 46) Given the period its been out of use I think the group has a hell of a job on. Best of luck with the project Just keep away from 31′s.

  19. Roy Aspey says:

    Great to see 47484 being restored, last time i saw it was at Wigan north western station in the early 70,s as D1662 on a football special, was a special loco to see in wigan for a 12yr old lad…….

  20. James "Tich" McLanaghan says:

    IKB was my favourite 47 in my years at OOC. Good luck on the restoration. Would love to see her get to 50 as I’m the same age as the old girl.

  21. gary rhodes says:

    good to hear you lot saved her,worked O.O.C for 10 years was the pride and joy for many years …sure she pulled the Queens train or was hot stand by when i worked at padd
    good luck and best wishes on her restoration

  22. Dave says:

    My m8 has both sets of name plates for 47484 he did offer them to Andrew goodman a few years ago he didn’t want them

  23. Nick Sanderson says:

    no way! do you still have them and if so what price to buy to put back on this famous loco where they belong???!!!!!!! Cheers.

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