Back to Black

At long last Sherwood’s bogies are nearing completion of the restoration work to needle-gun, chisel and scrape many layers of paint and muck from the side frames and buffer beams. A coat of grey primer-undercoat allowed all the fine detail to be seen and admired by the rivet counters, but a return to the top coat of blackĀ  unfortunately also means a return to obscurity after the hours of hard work. In the pursuit of authenticity, we specified a finish part way between gloss and satin, as we felt that modern gloss paints are just too shiny compared with the old BR oil-based paints. Hopefully we have got it about right and the bogies will blend in nicely once we clean the blue paintwork.

At No 1 end, the traction motor blower has returned from its overhaul at Bowers and refitted inside the nose, having taken the opportunity to tidy up the side grilles and insulation.

Formal exam work has commenced in preparation for the loco’s inspection and journey south to the spring diesel galas at Swanage, Didcot and West Somerset.

Bogie men Adam, Stephen and Jacob flatten down the red oxide, in preparation for grey undercoat

"Works" grey picks out the detail in the side frames

Jonno and Adam spray on the black top coat

Working late into the evening, the buffer beam is sprayed with black

Freshly overhauled blower motor is shoe-horned into No1 nose and reconnected

Blower motor intake fan ready for action inside the nose


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