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  1. Jim Culver says:

    Why are the cab doors left open on withdrawn loco’s, is this to speed up the the “Rusting / “Rotting” process over the years & also it’s easy to send it to the scrapyard after 10 years of weather abuse.

  2. phil hughes says:

    its a shame to see 47 484 like this .this is one of the locomotives i thought would of been saved

  3. paul brinsdon says:

    Brilliant news, one of my favourite locos, hoping to see it back in GWR anniversary
    colours again.

    Paul B.

  4. Wobble says:

    Just so glad to see 47484 on the road to recovery-even though I was always a ‘Western’ fan-I loved the original WR named 47’s, they were always special/different but especially 1662/47484.

    Keep up the good work-tis very much appreciated!!!

    Wobble(Paul Winter)


    Hi guys, sounds like your doing a great job on I.K.B 47484…..
    I have fond memories of the old girl visiting Cheltenham where I live about 26 years ago, and even getting in the cab one day! would love to pop up sometime, do you know a completion date? Or is she available to view?
    Kind regards,

  6. mikej says:

    Hi Chris, we dont do deadlines as we are entirely voluntary. We hope to organise some public viewing days in the future.


    Hi Mike, fair comment, sounds like you have a big job on your hands…All the best, and will keep an eye on your site,


  8. Mark B says:

    Best wishes with 47484 Nice to see somebody looking after this machine. Last time I saw it was the day after Sepember 11. While it was stored at Crewe.
    Sadly Barrow Hill is a bit too far for me to go, but I still dabble in 47 preservation, and hope to play an active roll in the new year

  9. Andy Rowlands says:

    Hi guys, what’s the latest progress with IKB? I’d been lead to believe a lot of the internal equipment was missing and the power unit would probably need replacing. Can anyone advise what the latest state of play is?

  10. mikej says:

    Hi Andy
    No progress with IKB unfortunately until we find somewhere we can overhaul and restore the loco. In the meantime it is fairly secure and protected.

  11. glyn says:

    Good luck – 484 was always my favourite. Had a cab ride from Derby to Nottingham when she worked the Paignton Nottm back in the 80’s. Will try and help if she ends up being near me. Have you asked Chasewater near Cannock? They have a nice shed to work in.

  12. mikej says:

    Thanks Glyn. Trying to avoid going anywhere there are politics problems.

  13. Dave Grew says:

    Hi any more news on 47484 moving to a suitable restoration site? Would be nice to see her on the Barrow Hill turntable in the warm 🙂

  14. mikej says:

    Hi Dave, 45105 should hopefully be this summer. 47484 situation unchanged.

  15. Martin Ramsdale says:

    Will 47 484 ever move to Barrow Hill?
    What’s its current condition and when will it be a runner?

  16. mikej says:

    Barrow Hill management have always declined, which is why it is taking a long time to find an alternative suitable location.

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